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Before they ever see the food, before they ever experience the service, restaurant-goers are introduced to the ambiance.  That first impression is critical for restaurant owners who are trying to create an unforgettable dining experience for their clientele, and ultimately generate new business. And with so many studies indicating that atmosphere is an even higher priority to customers than service, ambiance should be at the top of every restaurant owner's list of ingredients for success!

If you're convinced like we are that creating an unforgettable environment is priority #1, the next question is how to go about it. The answer: BE UNIQUE! With restaurants everywhere vying for business, plastering your walls with paintings, posters and placards aren't going to cut it - you have to take the road less traveled. And ceiling tiles will take you there! They create a look that customers rarely see.  From serene to sophisticated, jazzy to classical, ceiling tiles create great personality and can take a room from lackluster to luxurious!

What does all this mean for the restaurateur? That great first impression will lead to a great lasting impression, ultimately creating return customers and word of mouth that will generate new business too. And in our social networking world of Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and more - word of mouth is a powerful way to reach the consumer -  it can create a serious buzz about your business. You can see how that first impression is becoming more and more critical.

So let's talk tiles! Your restaurant is Mediterranean? Oh, a good old fashioned Irish pub! Yes, a Western Steakhouse, perfect! We've got a tile for every terrain! Different styles, textures, patterns, many are customizable too. And unlike the typical mineral fiber tile that is visually unappealing, our tiles exude warmth and personality no matter what style you choose. And unlike the typical acoustic tile, ours are incredibly durable: waterproof, mold and mildew resistant...the perfect choice for a restaurant venue where a clean environment is as important as a beautiful one.

As a restaurant owner you have a lot on your plate! Take a little of the pressure off by creating an atmosphere everyone will love and talk about long after the meal is done.

Our 5 star restaurant tile picks:


Our DuraClean tiles are made from UV Stabilized 1/8" (.125") thick vinyl plastic. This durable tile is perfect for industrial and commercial areas like: food preparation areas, bottling and food processing plants, schools, dorms, daycare, and educational facilities. Constructed from 100% PVC Vinyl, our DuraClean tiles are Class A Fire Rated and can be washed over and over without any damage to them. Backed by our 25 Year ProShield Warranty, DuraClean tiles are built for a lifetime of use.

Designer Collection:

These tiles add true flavor to your dining ambiance, evoking vibes from the French Quarter all the way to Classic Greece. If you're looking to enhance your customer's dining experience and transport them to another world of culture and sophistication, these tiles are for you! (also see our Heritage and Ceiling Skins Collections)

ProLite Series:

These tiles are both elegant and resilient, ideal for food preparation areas. Made from PVC, they're washable, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, promoting a healthy work environment. And because they're stylish as well as sanitary, they'd really look great throughout your restaurant!