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Acoustic Mineral Fiber Tiles

There are a lot of good things you can say about mineral fiber tiles, but longevity just isn’t one of them. Our company receives calls on a daily basis from people frantically looking for acoustic mineral fiber tiles to match those they are replacing due to water damage. If you are replacing your ceiling or are just out there hunting for the right kind of tile for your project, this article will provide you with the things you should consider while doing your research:

Popularity of Mineral Fiber Tiles

Most people aren’t familiar with the term “mineral fiber tile”. That’s because we typically refer to them as acoustic tiles. When first introduced to the market they had far better acoustical properties than most alternatives like tin, gypsum, and drywall. Eventually, better alternatives became available, but mineral fiber continued to be a top seller, primarily because it was affordable.

Are Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Right for My Business?

If the most important factor for your business is cost, and you are installing the ceiling tiles in a dry environment, then you might consider mineral fiber tiles. But whether or not they’re the best long term investment depends on your situation.

Our favorite Mineral Fiber replacements:

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Still interested in a mineral fiber tile?

If you’re a business owner or service organization, you know how critical a great first impression can be with your clientele. From restaurants to medical offices, patrons want to feel cared for and comfortable, pampered and appreciated. The environment you create when they walk through the doors speaks volumes to your customers. And they’ll speak volumes when they leave! Especially in this Social Networking age where everyone has the ability to critique your services to the masses via Facebook, Yelp and other online venues.

So every detail counts, and every detail missed could be a missed rave review. Ceiling tiles can be one of those details. a unique opportunity to dazzle your customers! Sure there’s a great deal more that goes into interior decorating, from artwork to flooring and lighting. but these elements are a given. Now it’s time to step out of the box and really give your customers an unforgettable experience. Ceiling tiles will create that buzz that will have customers thinking about your establishment long after they leave.

For a restaurant, it could be a decorative tile that compliments the culture of that cuisine. adding extraordinary flavor to the dining experience. For a salon, it could be using ceiling tiles that look like marble to create a classical, elegant ambiance. Ultimately you’re implementing a powerful marketing tool called “word of mouth” by turning your ceiling into something worth talking about!

Not every company has foot traffic, but every company can benefit from ceiling tiles. For a business that doesn’t have walk-in customers, having a great ceiling creates an environment of professionalism that can enhance morale. There’s a lot to be said for team spirit, and if your staff knows you’re investing in their work environment, this can really pay off. While mineral fiber tiles may be your best option if you’re on a limited budget, you have to make sure that they’re being installed in a dry environment, and even then their longevity comes into question. One option if you are restricted by cost is to use mineral fiber in individual offices, but incorporate a designer tile in common areas like the lobby or conference room.

Are Mineral Fiber Tiles Right for My Home?

Let’s face it. There is nothing attractive about the standard acoustic ceiling tiles. But at $2-$3 per 2x2 ceiling tile, should you consider using this low-cost material in your home? If you are like most homeowners, then the only room you would consider them for is the one that few guests will ever see: your basement. Unfortunately, the conditions of a basement are not favorable to mineral fiber tiles. Often, ceiling grids in a basement are used to grant access to pipes along the ceiling and when water drips from the pipes (whether from condensation or a leak in the pipe), the tile is left with a very noticeable, yellow stain. An even bigger issue is that basements can have higher moisture levels in the air, causing the tiles to age rapidly, often leading to mold and mildew issues.

When installing ceiling tiles in a basement, the best choice is to select a waterproof tile. Not only will a waterproof tile prevent those unsightly stains on the ceiling, but it will also last far longer in the harsher conditions of a basement. So, while $2-$3 might be a lower up-front cost when you consider the additional expense of replacing tiles (and the time involved in installing them), most homeowners are far better off investing in something that not only looks better but will stand the test of time.

ProLite Series:

These tiles are both elegant and resilient, ideal for basements, buesinesses, and food preparation areas. Made from PVC, they're washable, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, promoting a healthy environment. And because they're stylish as well as sanitary, they are our top sellers!

Designer Collection:

These tiles add character to your environment, evoking vibes from the French Quarter all the way to Classic Greece. If you're looking to be transported to another world of culture and sophistication, these tiles are for you!