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The Effect of Ceiling Tiles in your Medical Office

Putting your patients at ease is a top priority. But often it canít be helped that there will be anxiety and stress. What if you could find an innovative way to calm their nerves and help them relax? Ambiance can play a huge role in helping you achieve this level of comfort for your patients. And if you can accomplish this, youíve done a lot to make their experience in your office a favorable one.

A great way to take away the clinical feel of a medical facility is with ceiling tiles, and Pro Ceiling Tiles has a vast selection of tiles that will put your patients at ease from the moment they walk through the door. These tiles emanate a peaceful ambiance that brings a magical effect to any room. They soften the lighting, they give the walls warmth, and they open up the room with an airy feel thatís less confined and for many patients, less claustrophobic.

Here are our favorite Medical Facility Ceiling Tiles:

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Studies have concluded that colors and patterns greatly impact mood and behavior. So it only makes sense to offer a visually appealing setting that will promote a healthier emotional response from your patients. Whatever you can imagine, we have a tile to suit your needs and make your patients that much more comfortable with their experience.

Ceiling Tiles in your Waiting Room

The Waiting Area may be the most important place to create that comforting vibe, as it will be the first experience your patients have walking through the door. If your Waiting Area already features soothing decor, which is a top priority for Spas, Plastic Surgeons, and other offices that focus on aesthetics, we want to encourage you not to forget your ceiling! We have a great selection of tiles to complement your color scheme... and going that extra mile will complete the beauty and elegance of your facilities.

Ceiling Tiles in your Exam Room

This is the environment where a ceiling tile is most likely to get noticed since the patient is already looking in that direction from the exam chair. Itís also the environment where the patientís anxiety level may be the highest. Helping them focus their attention on a positive visual image can make a big difference in how they react to their examination experience. In addition to creating that calming effect on your patients, it also gives them something to enjoy while they are waiting to see the doctor.

Ceiling Tiles in your approach to patient care

The investment you have made in state of the art equipment, in a knowledgeable staff, in acquiring and maintaining the latest education, all show that the patientís care is your top priority. Providing them with that extra peace of mind by enhancing the ambiance of your office is a comparatively small investment. But the results will be impressive when you see what a positive impact these tiles will have on your patientsí overall experience.


We like to call our ceiling tiles ďversaTileĒ because they look great in every environment. Whether you have a Dental or Orthodontic Practice, Surgery Center, Womenís Health Care or General Practice... your office environment can be dramatically improved by our tiles. Here are some suggestions!

ProLite Series:

These tiles are both elegant and resilient, ideal for food preparation areas. Made from PVC, they're washable, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, promoting a healthy work environment. And because they're stylish as well as sanitary, they'd really look great throughout your facility!

Designer Collection:

These tiles add character to your environment, evoking vibes from the French Quarter all the way to Classic Greece. If you're looking to enhance your patient's experience and transport them to another world of culture and sophistication, these tiles are for you! (also see our Heritage and Ceiling Skins Collections)