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Projecting a professional image can be critical in the success of a business, firm or agency. And decor can play a huge role in conveying this professionalism to the client or customer. It can give them that added sense of confidence that they’ve chosen the right place to meet their particular needs.

Author and Interior Designer Natasha Liburd comments, “Having an appealing business environment can play a major role in dictating the type of clients you attract, as well as how much they spend.” So, taking Liburd’s advice, it’s evident that how a company portrays itself can influence customer growth as well as revenue generation.

Our favorite office tiles:

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A great way to customize your “image decor” is with ceiling tiles; and Pro Ceiling Tiles has the right tile for your business application. They give law firms a sage, scholarly ambience that reflects the schooling and experience which made them successful. The right tile can exude warmth and stability in an office where counseling is offered. Tiles can portray elegance in a Wedding Boutique or photography studio. They can be retro and modern in stores targeting a younger demographic. No matter what your field of expertise may be, there’s a tile to accompany it!

Scenario: A client walks into a law firm for the first time. Slightly nervous, he looks around the room at the aged, leatherbound law books, mahogany furniture and multiple university degrees framed on the walls. He also scans the ceiling with it’s classically contoured tiles. It’s a positive assessment. He breathes a sigh of relief and assures himself that he’s probably in good hands.

This is the power of the first impression. In the above scenario the ceiling tiles weren’t the only factor; but as an integral part of your decorating scheme they can play a powerful role in having a positive impact. This often leads to a great lasting impression, ultimately creating return customers and word of mouth that will generate new business too. And in our social networking world of Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and more - word of mouth is a powerful way to reach the consumer - it can create a serious buzz about your business.

Our top picks:

Designer Collection:

These tiles add true flavor to your dining ambiance, evoking vibes from the French Quarter all the way to Classic Greece. If you're looking to enhance your customer's dining experience and transport them to another world of culture and sophistication, these tiles are for you! (also see our Heritage and Ceiling Skins Collections)

ProLite Series:

These tiles are both elegant and resilient, ideal for food preparation areas. Made from PVC, they're washable, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, promoting a healthy work environment. And because they're stylish as well as sanitary, they'd really look great throughout your business!