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From the grand home theater to the family laundromat, no room in a home takes on more faces or functions than the basement! And ceiling tiles often play an important role in this room’s functionality, allowing for easy access to pipes, air ducts, and electrical wiring. Choosing the right ceiling tile can make a big difference in the health and safety of your home, as well as to your budget and the overall look of your basement.

Moisture resistance is crucial

Mineral fiber, or acoustic tiles, have long been a familiar choice in grid or suspended ceilings, and they’ve often found a home in basements. The problem is that basements can be damp, and acoustic tiles tend to absorb this moisture. This can lead to several problems, including mold, mildew and that damp, musty smell that basements are prone to have.

Our favorite Basement Tiles:

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Even if moisture is not prevalent in your basement, the smallest leak from an overhead pipe will absorb into an acoustic tile, damaging the tile’s strength and leaving unwanted stains. This type of tile can’t be cleaned either; for obvious reasons soap and water will just make the problem worse. The only answer is to replace the tiles.

Made to last a lifetime

Instead of installing more mineral fiber tiles, which may very well have to be replaced yet again in a few years (or as soon as the next day if you spring a leak!) a better alternative is tiles made from PVC. They’re mold, mildew, and moisture resistant and won’t sag from humidity. So once they’re installed they’ll keep looking as fresh and clean as the day you took them out of the box. This makes the PVC tile a great, long-term investment.

Ease of installation

And speaking of installation, this brings up another great point about PVC tiles: they’re incredibly easy to put up! If you’ve done your fair share of home improvement projects, you’re probably quite familiar with hunkering down for an entire weekend to get a DIY done! But PVC tiles can be installed in just a few hours, thanks to their lightweight, pliability, and ability to resize for your perimeters and light fixtures. No need for goggles either, since the tiles won’t emit dust or fibers like acoustic tiles do when handled. It just makes working with these tiles a real pleasure, whether you’re a home improvement guru, or tackling one of your first DIY’s ever!

Depending on the style you choose, PVC tiles can also be directly mounted onto a hard-surfaced ceiling if you don’t have a grid that you’re dropping them down into. The old acoustic tiles are generally too heavy for this direct mount type of application, but PVC is light enough to install anywhere!

Pick what fits your style

And the bottom line is that they look great. At Pro Ceiling Tiles our collections are so diverse that no matter what your creative tastes may be, there’s a tile perfectly suited for your basement. Recreate the old world charm of a Victorian home or Irish Pub with tiles that have the flavor of stamped tin or classical Greek design. Sports junkies and jazz enthusiasts will find tiles tailored to their tastes too!

There really is something for everyone, from classical to ultra-modern, soft and simple to ornate and bedazzled! Tiles that look great and are long lasting, recreating your basement and promoting a healthier environment to live in. Our tiles can do all that and more!

Best Basement Picks:

ProLite Series:

Delightful and durable! These elegant tiles will give your basement a serious facelift and keep it looking pretty for years to come... thanks to their resilient, waterproof, PVC design!

Designer Collection:

From Old World Charm with a stamped tin flavor, to rustic wood grain designs, these tiles emanate class and sophistication. Their water resistant qualities also make them great for basements and other venues where moisture could be a factor.