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  • 2x2 2 Cable Set (Light not included)

  • 2x4 3 Cable Set (Light not included)

  • Cables clip onto back of LED lights

  • Tilt adjustment locks with set screw (2 mm Hex wrench not included)

  • Height Adjustable

uDecor LED Suspension Cable Set

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Product Details

  • TypeSuspension Cable For LED Panels

  • Length39-1/2"

  • Delivery Time5-7 Business Days

Product Description

Quick Facts

  • 2x2 Kit Contains 2 Cables
  • 2x4 Kit Contains 3 Cables
  • 1 - 39" Stainless Steel Cable
  • 1 - 28" Stainless Steel Cable with nickel plated clasps
  • Screws and drywall inserts included

These suspension cables are designed to hang our LED panels from the ceiling. This can also be used to secure the panels in a grid system. The 2x2 kit contains 2 cable sets and the 2x4 kit contains 3 cable sets. Each cable can support up to 10lbs. The cable grippers offer a simple height adjustment by simply pulling the cable to the desired length. The cable can be released by pushing on the collar of the cable grip. The tilt of the light is adjustable and secured with a set screw.

Mounting screws and inserts included. Hex wrench not included.

This is an elegant way to give yourself a "Floating Light". Perfect for getting the LED panels closer to your workspace, or above your pool table. The cable that the system hangs from has a piece end that comes apart. One part is secured to the ceiling with the included screw and insert. The other part that holds the cable threads over the ceiling mounted stud and hides the fastener. It looks pretty slick. You will need to run flexible conduit from your electrical box to the back of the light into the driver box.

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Cable Hangers

Measure and mark where the cable hangers will be installed. Drill a 3/16" pilot hole first. This will also check to see if there is a joist behind the sheetrock. If there is a joist there is no need to use the sheetrock insert. If there is no joist present, drill a 1/4" hole, using your pilot hole as a guide. Insert the plastic expanding anchor, The face of the anchor should be flush with the surface of the sheetrock. You may have to use a hammer to tap the anchor into place. Insert the screw through the cable base and secure to the ceiling. Screw the cable gland end onto the base.

Bend tabs up as shown. Clip the light to the hangers.

Adjust the height of the light by pushing the cable through the collet. To release the cable, push down on the small nipple on top of the collet. The extra cable should pass through the hole in the front of the collet.

Adjust the tilt of the light by sliding the cable through the bottom of the collet. Once the desired angle is achieved, use 2mm hex wrench (not included) to tighten the grub screw on the bottom of the collet.

Wire the light in accordance with your local electrical codes and instructions included with your light.

Download PDF here



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Transformed our basement

  • 2x4
5 out of 5

Works great.

Good product and perfect solution the secure the LED troffer.