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Mirror Ceiling Tile - Gold

Price:$9.99($2.50 / sq. ft.)
  • Quantity
    4 sq. ft.

Delivery Time: 1-5 Days (Same Day Shipping)

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Tile Specifications

  • TypeDrop In

  • Dimensions2' x 2'

  • ColorGold

  • MaterialAcrylic

  • Width23 5/8"

  • Length23 5/8"

  • Thickness.08"

  • Delivery Time1-5 Days (Same Day Shipping)

  • BranduDecor

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Product Description

Quick Facts

  • Glassless
  • Shatterproof
  • Able to withstand shock and vibration
  • Fits in standard 2x2 grids (15/16)
  • Clear reflection
  • 2mm thick
  • Made from Acrylic and will not sag over time
  • Flat on the back to slide behind existing tiles
  • Water Proof
Our mirror tiles are nearly perfect! Made of sturdy, 2mm thick acrylic material, they arenít apt to shatter, yet offer the clear reflection of a piece of glass without the danger. Able to withstand both shock and vibration, these tiles are perfect for use in a standard 2x2 drop ceiling grid. Because these tiles are flat on the back, when used in a grid, youíre able to slide them in place directly over the existing tiles for added insulation and noise dampening. Or, perhaps these tiles will find their home on your walls.

How To Install Drop In Ceiling Tiles

  • Materials: Tools Needed for Installation
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil / Wax Pencil
  • Straight edge
  • Scissors, razor knife, or Ceiling Tile Aviation Snips
  • Gloves
  • Eye Protection

ProLite Series Only-
Insulation Above The Tiles
Our ProLite Series of tiles are our most popular tiles due to their flexibility, color options, and price point. Due to the tiles' thin construction, regular fiberglass insulation is too heavy to lay on top of the tiles. If your space requires insulation above the tiles you have a few options:

Option 1
Our SoniGuard insulation is specifically built and designed to work above our ProLite Series and can be purchased from our website.

Option 2
If your tile design is flat on the back, you can slide these tiles into place under your existing tiles, leaving the existing tiles to bear the weight of your insulation.

Option 3
You can place small furring strips that lay across the top of the grid to use as support for insulation. 1x1 or 1x2 wood strips provide enough support for insulation.

Option 4
You can push your existing tiles up out of place and turn them slightly to rest on top of the grid system. This would allow the insulation to rest on top of these tiles.

Option 5
You can secure the insulation to the "real ceiling" of your space, leaving the tops of the tiles clear of any need to support weight.

All Tiles

Once you have determined how you tiles will be installed (empty grid, under existing tiles, existing tiles pushed up) it's time to get started. Place all of the full sized tiles first, leaving the border and partial tiles for last. Having all the full sized tiles in place will push the grid into its natural position. If you cut and install border and partial tiles first, you may find that they are the wrong size once all the other tiles are in place.

Border / Partial Tiles
Use a tape measure or straightedge to measure the size your tiles need to be. Transfer those measurements to the back side of the tile with a pencil or grease pencil.

Cutting Tiles
Our ProLite Series is very easy to cut with regular household scissors. Follow your lines for a nice neat finish. You can also use a razor knife if needed.

Can Lights / Recessed Lights
In many homes grid mounted lights are very popular. You should choose a tile design that has a large enough flat area for the light bezel to lay flush once installed. You should also choose lights that have grid mounting brackets so that the weight of the light is supported by the grid system and not the tile.

Place your light fixture and tile in the grid system. Adjust the light to its final position and mark this on the backside of your tile. Use the appropriate size template to mark the hole in the tile. Many times the light bezel or a roll of tape will be close to the correct size. Use scissors or a razor knife to cut the opening.

We do not recommend can light fixtures that are not designed for direct contact with insulation nor do we recommend using halogen lighting. Unshielded fixtures, especially those using halogen lighting represent a risk of fire or melting the tiles.

High Temperature Areas
Our ProLite Series tiles are designed not to be affected by temperatures up to 120F. In some cases there may be localized ceiling and tile temperatures that exceed the tiles designed operating temperature. This can happen around heat registers, above stoves and ovens, around high temperature lighting, and in environments that intentionally have higher than normal temperatures, like heat spas, and Hot Yoga/Bikram studios. Contact us if your space may be subjected to any of these conditions.

Decorative Grid Strips / Grid Tape
These self adhesive strips/tape are designed to cover up the ceiling grid. Each strip is 2 feet long with an attractive embossed pattern and the grid tape is sold in 100 foot long rolls.

The adhesive on the back is to aid with installation, and IS NOT a permanent adhesive. Small dabs of tile adhesive should be applied to the back of the strips or tape. A small dab at each end, and 2 dabs spaced equally in the middle of the strip are adequate to permanently secure the strip to the ceiling. The ceiling grid tape should have a small dab of adhesive applied every 6 inches. The adhesive backing will allow for the strip to stick to the ceiling long enough for the tile adhesive to cure. Failure to use tile adhesive may result in the failure of the strips or tape to adhere to the ceiling.

Approximately 1 Tube of adhesive per 125 strips (250 linear feet) is needed. We recommend Red Devil General Purpose Construction Adhesive (available here) or Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Adhesive (available locally in most big box stores).

Make sure your grid system is clean before starting application. Rubbing alcohol or 409 work really well to remove any dust or oils.

For best results, make sure the temperature in the room is between 60 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit and low humidity. Do not peel the backing off until you are installing the strip. Any contamination of the back side of the strips will compromise the performance of the adhesive.

Grid Strips
The decorative strips should be butted up to one another. Do not overlap the strips. Make sure to always start at the same end of the strip. You may have to trim each strip slightly, so always put the strip in place before peeling off the backing so you can see if any needs to be trimmed.

Take your first strip. The dot at the end of the strip should be directly over the intersection of the 4 tiles. Once you have the strip lined up, peel the backing from the self adhesive and apply small dabs of tile adhesive to the back of the strip (see above). Run all the strips one direction first.

Finish off by installing the strips that run perpendicular to the tiles. Each strip will need to be trimmed, so keep a pair of scissors or snips in your pocket and cut off the dotted end.

Grid Tape
Start in a corner and work one direction. Apply small dabs of adhesive every 6 inches. Trim the tape to fit when you reach the end of a run. Finish of by covering the remaining cross T's (shorter gid sections). Using the same glueing technique as above. Trim the tape to fit the space exactly. Do not overlap the tape in any areas.



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Leah O.Jonesboro, GAMay 5, 2016

5 out of 5

The best tile ever!

Everyone that sees our ceiling absolutely loves it! It makes our whole room shine. The shipping was fast. The installation was simple and took no time at all. I'm very happy with this product!

  • Gold

Lori L.Ringgold, GAJune 5, 2019

5 out of 5

Exactly what I was looking for

Shipping was fast. Product was exactly what I was wanting. Good quality. Great company to do business with. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Frank Z.Livonia, MIApril 26, 2019

5 out of 5

Looks good

Installed vertically in a soffit.Used double faced tape to secure.Be careful installing because they scratch easily

Adam E.La Crosse, WIMarch 13, 2019

5 out of 5

Looks great!

Building a dance floor for a wedding venue, the room had your typical 8' high dropped ceiling, pretty ugly office look. Painted the tracks black replaced 240 ceiling tiles with these mirrors and wow does it look great

Sheila T.Greenwood, SCAugust 15, 2018

5 out of 5

Great Product and Customer Service

Ships quickly. Mirrored ceiling tiles work great. 1st shipment had a broken tile. Quick and easy replacement.

Stephen S.Waymart, PAMarch 28, 2018

5 out of 5

does what I wanted

Everything was fine

Bruce B.West Yarmouth, MAMarch 19, 2018

5 out of 5

Looks fantastic to myself and others !

The ceiling mirrors have added a new dimensionL perspective.

Randall B.Hartland, MIFebruary 4, 2018

5 out of 5

Awesome. Worth every penny.

Used ten of these in the ceiling of my 13'x20' basement workout room. Very clear reflection, work great over my bench and an area where I use a mat for some exercises. VERY satisfied!!!

Edward L.Van Wert, OHNovember 27, 2017

5 out of 5

Perfect in a Model Railroad room

I have installed the mirror ceiling tiles in a 12 x 12 foot room that has an N-Scale model railroad on 3 levels. The upper level was difficult to view with the HD cameras and wall monitors. The mirror tiles make it very easy to see even the fine details of turnout positions. Two thumbs up for a fantastic product. My wife really likes the view of the trains.

Maurie M.Hackensack, NJOctober 2, 2017

5 out of 5

perfect match

I purchased these tiles for my conco association to replace some of our existing tiles that had been damaged. Our ceiling is over 20 years old so matching them was difficult. The replacements were perfect in every way. The few that needed to be cut were easy to handle. I must also add that the customer service reps. were all wonderful, very knowledgeable, and happy to help. I over ordered and they made the return process very simple.

Mary-nour H.Mont Royal, QCMay 16, 2017

5 out of 5

Love the result

Put on walls and ceiling to make room look bigger

Mary-nour H.Mont Royal, QCMay 16, 2017

5 out of 5

Love the colour

Great product beautiful effecf, really happy with the end result

David W.Fort Worth, TXMay 10, 2017

4 out of 5

Great product!

We used these for a staging project at our church. They are light-weight and the reflection is a clear as a mirror. They smell a little, but the room was big enough where that wasn't an issue.

Phillip W.Auburn, CAFebruary 22, 2017

5 out of 5

Better than expected

We used these on several spots in our son's play area since he loves mirrors. We were pleasantly surprised with the clarity and loved that they were impossible for him to break.

Anthony H.Jersey City, NJMay 6, 2016

5 out of 5


I love this product! Everyone else does too. Cant beat the price either.

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