• Only 3/8 of an inch thick (2 inches with electrical box)

  • Shown in 2x4 size with Natural Light

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2'x2' LED Flat Light Panel White Frame - Dimmable - 3 color spectrums available

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    Product Details

    • TypeLED Flat Light Panel

    • StyleWarm, Natural or Cool Spectrum

    • ColorWhite Frame

    • Height23 3/4"

    • Width23 3/4"

    • Depth2"

    • Weight10 lbs

    Product Description

    Quick Facts

    • 2x4 Fits standard 2x4 grid system
    • 2x2 fits standard 2x2 grid system or 2x4 grid with grid divider
    • 2" depth with included electrical box
    • 2x2 are 45watts ea. 2x4 are 60 watts ea.
    • 100-240v single phase input voltage 0.8A MAX AC draw
    • 2x2 LED = 4400 lumens (about equal to 300w incandescent bulb)
    • 2x4 LED = 6400 lumens (about equal to 400w incandescent bulb)
    • 110 degree light angle
    • 2x2 Weight per panel is 10lbs w/ driver
    • 2x4 Weight per panel is 18lbs w/ driver

    This unit contains a driver that is dimmable. You must purchase a compatible controller to make use of this functionality. DIMMER CONTROLLER SOLD SEPARATELY Click Here

    LED light panels are a direct drop in for t-bar/suspended ceilings. Tabs are also included used for securing the lights in the suspended ceiling for seismic certification. LED lights are catching on fast here in the US as they offer up to 60% savings over conventional lighting. They are only marginally more efficient than fluorescent lighting, but they have an extremely long lifespan (approximately 50,000 hours) which makes them more desirable in applications where low maintenance is desired.

    Installation and wiring should be done in accordance with local laws and regulations. These vary from area to area. Consumers should check with local officials to insure the installation conforms to applicable laws.

    LED Panel Construction
    An extruded aluminum frame surrounds the light panel offering ample heat sink area for the LEDs. The front side is made of impact resistant polycarbonate light diffusing lens. The panel is finished with an aluminum backing.

    Light Color
    Our LED light panels offer 3 differnt spectrums of lighting.

    2x2 LED panels are available in 3 colors

    • 4000-4500K - Natural White
    • 5500-6500K - Cool White
    • 3000-3500K - Warm White

    2x4 LED panels are available in 2 colors

    • 4000-4500K - Natural White
    • 5500-6500K - Cool White

    Whats in the Box

    • Light Panel
    • Transformer/Driver mounted to back of light panel
    • Securing Tabs and Screws

    Driver Details

    • 100-277vac input 50/60hz
    • Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) unit
    • Limited Power Supply (LPS)
    • Class 2 power supply
    • UL certification

    Units Per Circuit
    Best practice never places more than 10 loads on a circuit or 80% of the rated wattage. All loads on the circuit must be considered. Many homes have circuits that have lights and plugs on them. You must take into account the other loads (TV, microwave, fridge, vacuum cleaner, etc.) that may be on the circuit. Common household voltage in the US is 120v, 204/240v is common in industrial/commercial uses.

    When you’re seeking energy efficiency and effective lighting, our easy to install LED 2x2 panels are just the right instrument for your room. Versatile enough to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices or garages, our LED 2x4 panels are just the right size to offer the perfect amount of natural, cool, or warm light. Lightweight (2x4 = 17.6 lbs w/driver) and dimmable, our LED panels offer up to 50,000 lighting hours, and are low maintenance, making them a perfect addition to your room’s atmosphere.

    Driver Units

    UL Listing/Electrical
    UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets UL's requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL's published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety. References to UL and the UL Listing may include: the UL Listing Mark.


    5 Year Limited Warranty
    You're making a beautiful upgrade to your ceiling and we're here to help protect that investment. We guarantee that your LED Panels will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the original date of purchase.

    Warranty Conditions and Limitations
    This warranty covers material defects in the LED Panel when used in a standard application. It does not cover labor, consequential or incidental damages.

    We're Ready to Help
    We want you to have the best lighting possible and we are eager to help with that! In the rare event that you encounter a defect with your panel, please reach out to us. Just give us a call and we will work with you to identify the problem and, in case of defect, supply you with a replacement panel.



    4.9 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5


    So easy to install, and they look great. No more changing bulbs in the high hats.

    • White Frame
    5 out of 5

    great light

    I replaced a regular ceiling light with the 2x2 led panel light what a difference! my wife can now see to use her computer .with the mounting kit it was an easy job

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    • White Frame
    5 out of 5

    brightens up the basement, like being outside

    I used the 2x2 led flat panel lights in my basement and it is like being outside.

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    5 out of 5

    Exactly what we were looking for, excellent price

    Easy to install/wire, dropped right in. Highly recommended! Prompt delivery!

    5 out of 5

    Works great

    Makes my basement so bright and can be adjusted

    • White Frame
    5 out of 5

    Fantastic product

    This is my second order for rooms that needed more light. I have one light that I have used for hours every day for over a year and it works great.

    5 out of 5


    Super bright! Fantastic!!!

    5 out of 5

    just what I expected

    I order 4 of them they came on time, now all my bedrooms have bright light, much needed in the middle of the winter on the shores of Lake Superior

    5 out of 5

    Love these lights!

    We installed these in our walk-out basement of our lake house, and they are a HUGE improvement over the previous lights. I ordered 12 of them in the Natural Light and used 10 for a large great room and 2 for a bedroom. At their brightest, they illuminate the room so well and provide great lighting for reading and playing ping pong

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    5 out of 5

    love love love

    We love the light these panels give. The installation was super easy. When we ordered them they came in quickly not to delay our project. Highly recommend.

    5 out of 5

    Just what we wanted!

    We remodeled our basement and needed better light in the kitchen area, these worked great. So much brighter than the old ones.

    5 out of 5

    Great for basement area provides good light.

    Lights work great and are easy to install. The dimmable feature is easy to hookup without a lot of wiring.

    5 out of 5

    Exactly what we were looking for - a dimmable 2x2 "daylight" fixture great price

    We are just starting our 2,000 sf basement so we will be looking to order in the next few months, just getting all our product choices in order.

    5 out of 5

    Nice lighting

    These lights work very well especially if you don't have much space above the framework. I recommend using metal framework instead of vinyl, as they vinyl tends to sag, and you must use wire to help hold it up.

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    5 out of 5

    Happy with lights

    Happy with Ordering, shipping, especially happy with the light. I put the lights in a basement bathroom that has no window. Very pleased with how it turned out

    5 out of 5

    Amazing fixtures with great output and color rendering!

    I was creating a game room/media room in my basement and needed ceiling ideas. I discovered Proceiling Tiles online and took a chance. I purchase their 2x2 black tiles for my basement and they were perfect. I now needed lighting but wanted to keep the smooth lines in the ceiling and found the 2x2 LED drop-in fixtures. They installed easily and look and work amazing. They were so efficient that I ended up buying too many for my project, but I was able to find another area in my house to use them. I am a broadcast lighting designer by trade and work with LED fixtures on a daily basis. These LED panels have a beautiful, warm color temperature (about 3000K) and seem to have a higher than average color rendering (CRI - color rendering index). With a high CRI, you don't get a green spike as you would with lower-end LED lamps you may purchase off the shelf at your local hardware store. These fixtures fit my needs perfectly and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends.

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    5 out of 5

    Great Product

    Installed in a remodel of our basement bathroom. Very easy installation . I installed two of these panels in the bathroom and probably only need to install one since 1 panel would give off sufficient light for the room. I like the choice of the warm color spectrum that we choose.

    5 out of 5

    what a bright lite I love it.

    very easy to install. looks great

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    5 out of 5

    Good lights

    We like the lights very much.

    5 out of 5

    Bright! and beautiful

    They help to transform a space and work well. I put so many up and they are so bright, I definitely should have installed the dimmers.

    5 out of 5

    Great lights

    Wonderful addition to my new Ceiling Link ceiling in a basement bedroom. Dimmable made it even better

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    5 out of 5

    Beautiful light panels!

    I bought two of the natural light panels. They really produce a lot of light. Perfect for my small space!

    5 out of 5

    Nine Sets of panels

    So far, so good. Able to take a look at the panels. All seems well. Should look great when installed. Thanks. Don Brock

    4 out of 5

    Just what I needed.

    This thin LED was the perfect solution to my problem. I had very little room to work with when installing my dropped ceiling and this fixture slid right in to the grid with no trouble. Highly recommended.

    4 out of 5

    Good color

    Much more even light than the fluorescent tubes it replaced

    5 out of 5

    Great lighting

    Exactly what I ordered

    5 out of 5

    Great lights

    These lights are perfect for a 2x2 drop ceiling....

    5 out of 5

    Great Light!

    The ceiling tiles and lights made such a huge difference. So glad I found your company. Brenda

    5 out of 5

    Great light in my laundry and work out room

    I first purchase 3 lights for my laundry and they took a kinda dark room to a very lighted room. These lights are not yellow they are a warm white light. Went on and remodeled my other room in my basement and turned it into my work out room. I replaced 4 4 48 in tube cfl with 4 led flat panel and again its amazing how much brighter it is now. Oh and if you have cfl it wont be long and you will be taping them to see why they dont come on. Really its a no brainer price wise the cfl are starting to get to the 100 buck range save your money get the Led. Added bonus adding to a drop ceiling piece of cake.

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    5 out of 5

    2x2 times 7

    I am in the process of remodeling my basement started with the laundry room I brought 3 lights for that room. I went with a drop ceiling and I love the look of the lights with the ceiling. The room was 10 x 18 and 3 lights does a great job. Next room was work out room that room is 20 x 20 and I used 4 lights for that room, very bright I used the cool light again love the look. One more thing I dont know who the heck they do it but, shipping 3 lights takes only 3 days to get, I was amazed with they arrived. A lot of companies should fine out how they do it. Great company to buy from.

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    5 out of 5

    Attractive, sufficient lighting for basement

    These lights worked out really well for our basement, which has an 8' suspended ceiling. We wanted sufficient light to allow playing ping-pong, but also dimmable for watching TV. We like the even light distribution and there is plenty of light for our purposes, in an otherwise large, dark room.

    5 out of 5

    Looks great - very bright

    Very easy to install and very bright. Look great.

    5 out of 5

    Excellent product!

    I purchased 6 of these to light my basement. I wanted warm light that was energy efficient and would fit into a small space above the drop ceiling. These worked perfectly. Very thin, easy to wire up, and dimmable.

    5 out of 5

    Great LEDs

    Great company had an issue with the ballast and the company took care of it. Great light Redone my entire office

    5 out of 5

    Bright and good looking!

    The grid light replaces a two bulb u-40 fluorescent grid light fixture. The LED replacement is much better looking, produces more light, and does not accumulate dirt and bugs as the old grid light did. It was very easy to install as you simply drop it in the grid. I am very happy with the LED fixture and would purchase it again.

    5 out of 5

    Outstanding Product

    Throw out your old lights; this product is excellent! very bright A slight delay coming on; Easy to install.

    5 out of 5

    Very nice light.

    Good and bright, easy to install.

    5 out of 5

    Excellent product

    Looks great, easy to install...Cost is a little high but I am still happy with it.

    5 out of 5

    Smooth light distribution and high power efficiency

    Most important the electrical bill; each one of this light panel of 40 Watt replace the traditional flourcent 4 tube of 32Watt each means 132Watts:so saving is 92 Watts/hr for us saving will be 1656 Watts/dayX365=604,440 watts /year i,e ($120.00)/year/each we have 100 flourcent unit so if we replace the all the saving will be$12,000 a year is that great; As appearance looks beautiful,installation verey easy,and free maintenance;actual the LED light panels has so many features we like

    4 out of 5

    Bright - Works great; However

    The list was missing screws and instructions; I was able to find instructions on the internet web site

    5 out of 5

    great replacement for florescent utubes.

    Had a florescent u-tube 2'x2' fixture in my kitchen. The ballast needed replaced every few months. Took the guts out of the fixture and put the flat panel led unit in. Looks just like the original did. Very happy with results. There is a slight delay in the light coming on, but not a problem.

    5 out of 5

    Great Improvement over Flourescent Lights

    These flat panel lights provide excellent lighting and are very contemporary looking. They provide a 'clean' professional look to our offices. They are simple to install - the hardest part will be removing the existing lighting. Choose the 'temperature' of the lighting carefully as they can be 'too bright' for some.

    5 out of 5

    Fantastic, Beautiful and Easy--- Savings

    The uDecor looks fantastic-no fluorescent tube lines, just a solid pure white light on the entire surface. Beautiful in the sense you have a smooth flat surface when the light is off and no plastic reflective surface. Easy to install--once you install the driver--which has a clip connection, just follow the diagram on line to connect the 3 wires. I installed my first one in about 30 minutes and the next 2 took about 10-15 minutes each. The best part is in the savings on the electric bill with it drawing only 40-45 watts when lighting 216 LEDS in the panel. A true smart investment to invest in.

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